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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Classic | Salisbury, MD Newborn Photographer

I never tire of the classics, a baby on a fresh stack of towels. Unfortunately this is not a “one size fitsView full post »

Fresh | Salisbury, MD Newborn Photographer

This sweet little one was born on April fool’s day, which happens to be her mother’s birthday! ThisView full post »

Is there anything sweeter? | Salisbury, MD Baby Photographer

Is there anything sweeter than big round eyes and chubby baby cheeks? Still working on this session, wow, what aView full post »

Beautiful Sisters | Salisbury, MD Newborn Photographer

Little baby “I” didn’t make it here on time for our first scheduled photo session. She kept herView full post »

Sisters | Salisbury, MD Child Photographer

My girls… trying to get the two of them in the same frame. Still not 100% happy with this, but it is growing onView full post »

Littlest Heroes | Salisbury, MD Photographer

I have this posted under my Important Links tab, but I wanted to make sure that everyone had an opportunity to see it.View full post »

Perfect Little Girl | Salisbury, MD Newborn Photographer

I have been waiting for this little one’s arrival since her mom’s maternity session in February. She wasView full post »

Lots to Love! | Salisbury, MD Baby Photographer

This precious little girl reminded me a lot of my Lily. She had the chubbiest little legs and kissable cheeks. SheView full post »

wrapped | Salisbury, MD Newborn Photographer

I have started going through the photos from yesterday and finding some treasures already. Baby M was so cooperative,View full post »

8 Days… SWEET! | Salisbury, MD Newborn Photographer

Little Miss M is just the sweetest baby ever! She came awake and after a bit of food was out like a light. She was aView full post »

‘lil Heartbreaker | Salisbury, MD Baby Photographer

Another 6 month old with those to-die-for baby blue eyes. I did little man’s 3 month photos, but he was soView full post »

Lily Legs | Salisbury MD Baby Photographer

I stopped by my friend’s baby shop the other day and picked up some great rainbow baby legs. These are so muchView full post »

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