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Yearly Archives: 2009

Moving forward… 2010 here we come!

A photo from one of the last few sessions of 2009. Sweet children! I hope your Christmas was joyful and filled withView full post »

Christmas Baby | Rhodesdale, MD Newborn Photographer

This sweet little muffin was born just a couple of days after my birthday. She is only 5 days old and one of theView full post »

Chillin’ | Salisbury, MD Newborn Photographer

Little man “A” is absolutely precious. He is still teeny and oh-so-bendy. He was really a great trooperView full post »

Warmest Wishes

I only have a few more obligations before the New Year, so I’d like to take this time to say, thank you to allView full post »

Be of good cheer! | Cambridge, MD Family Photographer

I know I’ve said it before, I have the very best clients. Real people who are genuinely kind and good. ThisView full post »

Double the Fun! | Salisbury MD Newborn Photographer

Little miss D and her brother T are just the sweetest babies. They were a full 2 months old for our session thisView full post »

Trendy | Salisbury, MD Children’s Photographer

These children are not only the cutest little dressers, but they were so sweet. They were both cold, but theyView full post »

Baby it’s cold outside | Salisbury MD Children’s Photographer

The first day of December proved to be a bit chilly. Sweet little M didn’t let it bother her one bit. Of courseView full post »


One out of probably 100 photos I took… this is the only one of the three of them that came out. My ratio ofView full post »

Pure Sugar | Salisbury MD Newborn Photographer

I’m working on this gallery now. Such a pretty little baby. I wanted to share this one.View full post »

Sleepy Lil’ Man | Salisbury MD Newborn Photographer

Same little man from this morning. I had a chance to go back and edit another photo. Let’s all say…View full post »

Bah Humbug | Salisbury MD Newborn Photographer

Little man A was NOT impressed with the whole idea of a photo session this morning. He fought and fought sleep forView full post »

Little Angel | Salisbury MD Baby Photographer

I haven’t had the chance to photograph a baby at 6 months old for quite some time. Babies at this age are soView full post »

Cozy | Salisbury MD Newborn Photographer

I never tire of newborns. I’m working on editing this session now and had to share this one.View full post »

Cousins | Salisbury MD Baby Photographer

My cousin and her husband brought their absolutely adorable baby boy to town today! They had quite the drive from NYView full post »

Brothers | Salisbury MD Children’s Photographer

I have a soft spot in my heart for families with all of the same gender children. I have three girls and absolutelyView full post »

Feminine Charm

This beautiful little girl made her mommy, daddy and me work hard for these photos. Our session lasted for 3 hours andView full post »

Sweet Family | Salisbury MD Family Photographer

Take a look at my friends! Don’t they make the perfect family? I was happy to have the chance to photographView full post »

Little Man| Salisbury MD Newborn Photographer

Oh my, this little guy is just beautiful (is it ok to say that about a little boy?). He had us work for his photos thisView full post »

I’m still here…

I’m slowly coming back from a bout with pneumonia. I’m trying really hard to catch up quickly and getView full post »

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